Study finds over bisected of US circadian car trips awning beneath than three miles

Posted on May 12, 2022 by Charles Morris

For years, we’ve been told that the bound ambit of EVs is a big barrier to adoption—but is it really? Certainly, ambit is consistently the additional affair (after charging) that the EV-curious ask about, and best of us accept had conversations with skeptics who accept abstract notions of how abundant ambit they charge (a acquaintance of abundance already told me he bare to be able to drive from Tampa to Atlanta—about 500 miles—and aback in a distinct day). 

Above: Tesla Archetypal 3 (Source: Bram Van Oost / Unsplash)

In fact, assorted studies accept begin that the majority of real-world car trips are able-bodied aural the ambit of a archetypal EV. A 2016 MIT study assured that accepted EVs could accommodated the needs of about 90 percent of drivers, at a absolute amount no greater than that of ICE cartage (and remember, this was in 2016, back few EVs could aggregation as abundant as 200 afar of range).

A new abstraction for the Agency of Busline Statistics adds some absorbing abstracts to the debate.  The Maryland Busline Institute analyzed “an anonymized civic console of adaptable accessory abstracts from assorted sources,” and begin that, in 2021, 52% of all trips in the US, application all modes of transportation, were for distances of beneath than three miles. Some 28% of trips were for beneath than one mile, and aloof 2% were for greater than 50 miles.

A cruise was authentic as a movement that included a break of best than 10 account at a area abroad from home. The trips included driving, rail, alteration and air travel. “A weighting action expands the sample of millions of adaptable devices, so the after-effects are adumbrative of the absolute citizenry in a nation, state, or county,” the authors write.

Obviously, drivers’ use cases vary—certainly there are some drivers who do accomplish continued trips on a approved basis. However, this study’s after-effects announce that this is a actual baby subset of US drivers, so accepted EVs should accept affluence of ambit for the majority of car buyers. Furthermore, because the still-high amount of batteries, automakers may appetite to accede alms models with beneath ambit and lower amount tags.


This commodity originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Sources: Bureau of Busline Statistics,

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