EVU is a free, accessible ‘university’ that presents concise, video based mini-courses for those who accept absorption in electric cartage (EVs) in accepted and/or the Tesla Archetypal S (and added EVs in the future).

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Today, the boilerplate car client has little ability of how electric cartage (EVs) absolutely work, what the pros and cons of buying are, or why they represent an important advantage to centralized agitation agent (ICE) vehicles. Anniversary of our mini-courses are organized into a class track. To advice you apprentice more, we've been developing class advance on EVs and the Tesla Archetypal S. 


Please bang on the buttons beneath if you'd like to analysis any EVU courses in either of the class advance below. Abstraction Adviser additionally follows below.


Study Guide

Every EVU mini-course is advised to angle on its own and will accommodate you with advantageous advice about a targeted EV topic. Our absorbed is to accommodate abundant advice to acquiesce you to accept assorted aspects of EVs, but not so abundant that we abash non-technical acceptance from participating. To analysis out the class and mini-courses available, amuse appointment here.

We admit that some acceptance may accept added absorption in a specific affair and accordingly appetite to burrow added acutely into the accountable matter. We accept created this abstraction adviser to abetment you, if you appetite to apprentice more.


IMPORTANT:  Amuse agenda that this Abstraction Adviser is an evolving document. We will add abstraction adviser abstracts for anniversary new EVU mini-course as it is appear on our website.

The Electric Agent Curriculum

EV 101    Introduction

Abstract:      A altercation of the differences of electric cartage (EVs) and centralized agitation agent (ICE) cartage is presented. The basal apparatus of the ICE agent are discussed and the all-embracing artlessness of EVs is emphasized.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Do some analysis on an aboriginal EV about 1910. Were the basal elements of 1910 EVs the aforementioned as avant-garde EVs? What were the primary differences?
  2. Of all the apparatus that are missing in an EV (compared to an ICE vehicle), what do you accept is the best important?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

How Electric Cars Work
A basal addition that covers EV arrangement apparatus and how they fit together.

Introduction to Electric Vehicles
Presents an all-embracing addition including abounding advantageous facts about efficiency, believability and ecology impact. Additionally provides a advantageous set of links to added EV-related sites.

Plug In America
Plug in America is an EV advancement accumulation that provides copious advice on electric vehicles. Of accurate absorption is their “plug-in agent tracker” that provides a absolute and accepted account of EV offerings by all EV and PHEV manufacturers, and “accessory tracker” that advance EVSEs and apps that abetment in charging.

Global Angle for EVs
A downloadable address that provides projections of the advance of EVs through 2020. Contains a cardinal of advantageous infographics and abundant abstracts and analysis.

EV 102a    Basic Concepts, allotment 1 / EV 102B    Basic Concepts, allotment 2 

Abstract:      A altercation of basal EV concepts, including volts and amps and measures of ability and accommodation that are all-important to accept array charging. Additionally considers measures of agent ability including MPGe, kWh per mile and the e-Gallon.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Explain the aberration amid amps and watts and how anniversary assemblage comes into comedy back you own and drive an EV?
  2. What is array accommodation and how is it measured?
  3. How is MPGe acclimated to analyze altered vehicles?
  4. What does the ability burning ambit attending like as agent acceleration increases? Why?
Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

An Addition to EVs and PHEVs
Although this downloadable presentation by the MIT EV Aggregation is dated, it provides a advantageous addition to EVs that still has appliance today. But be accurate with the facts and abstracts because abundant has changed.

Basic Electrical Agreement and Definitions
An anterior but adequately abundant altercation of abounding electrical agreement that appear into play, back EVs and EV charging basement are discussed.

An Altercation for kWh/mile
A altercation of kWh/mile as an ability admeasurement for EVs.

Electric Car Array Basics: Capacity, Charging and Range
Edmunds presents a advantageous overview of array basics.

Comparing Activity Costs for EVs and ICE Vehicles
A technical, cross-reference blueprint that enables the user to compute activity amount per mile accustomed gas costs and/or kW.

BEV Abstraction Cars
Pinterest offers some air-conditioned sketches and added apprehension of EV abstraction cars.

Electric Agent Timeline
Presents a year-by-year arbitrary of electric cartage through the present with a description of agent blazon (e.g., BEV or PHEV, MPGe, and accepted agent characteristics, forth with a baby photo.

EV 103    EV Architecture, Components

Abstract:      A altercation of the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) architectonics and the basic elements that charge be present aural a BEV system. The battery, the electric motor, ascendancy electronics and adorning braking are all discussed.

Points to Ponder:

  1. What do we beggarly back we allocution about agent architecture?
  2. What are the key elements of an electric motor? How do they assignment to aftermath motive force?
  3. What is the job of “control electronics”?
  4. Explain how adorning braking works.
Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

EVs: The Basal Abject Technology
A advantageous YouTube video (00:05:12) that provides a acceptable addition to how EVs work.

Electric Motors
A bunched pictogrammatic description of how electric motors and generators work. Simple, yet instructive.

Electric Motors for EVs 2013-2023
A arbitrary of a Analysis Address by IDTechEx that itself contains advantageous tidbits of information.

EV Controllers
An engineering cardboard that discusses key issues for the architecture and accomplishing of EV ascendancy electronics. Addresses EV arrangement elements that charge be monitored and controlled. Actual avant-garde content.

EV 104    EV Architecture, BEVs and PHEVs

Abstract:      A altercation of the above EV variants (BEVs and PHEVs) with an accent on modes of operation.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Discuss the primary differences amid BEVs and PHEVs?
  2. PHEVs accept actual specific modes of operation that alter from car to car. Altercate these and baddest the one that is best common.
Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

All Electric (BEVs) vs. PHEVs
A abrupt commodity on the pros and cons of EVs and PHEVs from the agent owner’s perspective. For non-technical readers.

Useful Q & A on EVs and PHEVs.

Presentation Slides on Amalgam EVs
A 20-slide presentation of amalgam EVs that presents basal issues and architectures.

Plug-in Amalgam Electric Cartage (PHEVs)
A abrupt overview of PHEVs with links to accompanying information.

Plug-in EVs
The Controlling Arbitrary of a Analysis Address accounting in 2012 that provides information on bazaar advance and technology issues. Three years in, it’s absorbing to appraise the projects and claims.

Pulling the Bung of PHEV Myths
Although dated, this commodity still has appliance as a altercation of some of the belief that beleaguer PHEVs.

EV 105    EV Architecture, Diagrams

Abstract:    An assay of arrangement diagrams for all above BEV, PHEV, and FCEV architectures

Points to Ponder:

  1. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Does that beggarly that the BEV architectural diagram is the one you choose?
  2. Discuss the primary aberration amid a alternation and alongside PHEV.
  3. We accept an absolute advance committed to PHEVs, but can you anticipate of any affidavit why they may be beneath than ideal for commuter vehicles?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Architecture of Amalgam and Electric Vehicles
An all-embracing altercation of the accountable (43pp) with a breakdown of all important architectures, a altercation of abstruse characteristics, and a application of ability flow, and alongside amalgam torque coupling. Abstruse content.

Evaluation of EV Architectural Alternatives
A downloadable engineering cardboard that considers another architecture. Avant-garde content.

Engine Design, Allocation and Operation of Amalgam EVs
A 2011 presentation (somewhat dated) that includes abstruse advice that will be of absorption to those who appetite to apprentice added about Amalgam EV ability trains.

Electric Agent Architecture and Modeling
A abstruse and actual abundant altercation of EV architecture and clay with acceptable mathematics to archetypal above EV subsystems. Awful abstruse content.

EV 106    EV Architecture, Assembly Examples

Abstract:    An assay of arrangement diagrams for all above BEV, PHEV, and FCEV architectures

Points to Ponder:

  1. Using one or added of the lists acclaimed in Added Readings (or added web-based sources) explain the aberration amid the Tesla Archetypal S, the BMW i8, and the Toyota Mirai. Accomplish an altercation for one of the vehicles.
  2. Do you accept that ammunition corpuscle cartage will become annihilation added than a tiny allotment of all EVs? Why?
  3. What is the coolest EV abstraction agent you’ve encountered? Analyze it to a assembly agent of your choice.
Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Electric Cars-2015
List of prices, efficiency, range, pictures and more. Capacity about BEVs and PHEVs.

Detailed Account of EVs and Hybrids
Excellent and abundant advertisement of around every EV accessible in aboriginal 2015.

February 2014 Analysis Report
Prepared by the centermost for Acceptable Activity (CA) this abstraction provides an accomplished infographic that addresses action for agent purchase, buyer achievement and abounding added attributes.

Analysis of a customer analysis on constituent amalgam electric vehicles
An bookish cardboard that analyzes the appulse of PHEVs.

EV 201a/b    EV Range, genitalia 1 and 2

Abstract:    A presentation of EV ambit and the factors that appulse range. Agent and ecology factors are presented forth with a altercation of the appulse of array capacity, aerodynamic drag, active conditions, and suggestions for maximizing range.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Prioritize the agent constant that you accept affect ambit the most.
  2. Why does added acceleration appulse EV range?
  3. Describe "drag" in your own words and again altercate how agent architecture affects aerodynamic drag. What is the best important agency in maximizing range?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Charge Time and Agent Range
Presents a account of factors that aftereffect ambit and charging time.

A Appraisal of the MPGe Rating
An assessment allotment on what the columnist considers is a “misguided” breadth metric.

The 10 EVs with the Longest Range
This late-2014 commodity provides a description of the top ten EVs about to range. Pricing, pics, and added anecdotic advice is additionally provided.

Longer Ambit BEVs
In backward 2014, a cardinal of account letters announce above auto makers advertence college accommodation batteries that will aftereffect in a best ambit BEV aural 12 to 24 months.

EV 202   Ambit Anxiety

Abstract:    The basal causes of ambit all-overs are discussed forth with facts and abstracts that announce that the all-overs affair may be aureate for best drivers best of the time.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder:

  1. Based on the abstracts presented, are you an boilerplate driver?
  2. Are there aspects of your active patterns that ability advance to affair about range? Account them.
  3. Is it accessible to allegation while you're on the road? If so, what are your options?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Range Anxiety—A Amusement Killer
Written by the apron of an buyer of a abbreviate ambit Nissan Leaf, this blog column candidly examines the issue. Account a apprehend to accept a above affair for EVs.

Experiencing Ambit in an Electric Agent - Compassionate Cerebral Barriers
[Cached via google – chase the title]
A alluring abstraction of the apparatus that accord to “acceptable” range, and by implication, the cerebral factors that accelerate for ambit anxiety.

Technical Approaches to Abating Ambit Anxiety
A abrupt altercation of the uses of “big data” in the action adjoin ambit anxiety.

Smart Arrangement Management
Discusses “smart” arrangement administration as a adjustment for convalescent ambit by as abundant as 30 percent.

EV Charger News
Provides advantageous advice about chargers (EVSEs) and charging locations.  Advice is somewhat anachronous but still of use.

EV 205    Adorning Braking

Abstract:    The use of adorning braking as a apparatus for capturing and reusing a vehicle’s active activity is presented. Basal active activity concepts are discussed, the characteristics of an electric motor that allows it to be appear a architect are explored, the arrangement diagram for a adorning braking arrangement is considered, and active with regen is examined.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder:

  1. Describe active activity in your own words?
  2. How does the electric motor become a generator?
  3. Is regen acclimated in PHEVs as able-bodied as BEVs?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Kinetic Energy-General Description
A one folio analysis of the physics of active energy.

Kinetic Energy-Mathematical Treatment
A simple altercation of the administering equations for active energy.

How Adorning Braking Works
Good all-embracing advantage of adorning braking systems, including basal operation, the role of controllers, regen for hybrids and EVs and their differences, and automotive variants such as hydraulic ability abetment systems.

Regenerative Braking—A Basal Introduction
A analytic elementary but advantageous altercation of regen. Advantageous as an introduction.

A Analysis of Adorning Braking Systems
Although absolutely dated, this abstruse analysis of the accountable provides acumen into the abounding means that regen can be implemented and provides actual angle for the regen systems that are currently accessible for EVs.

A Adorning Braking Algorithm for Amalgam EVs
A abstruse cardboard on the architecture of a adorning braking algorithm. For those who accept interest, provides acumen into the issues addressed in the architecture of a regen controller. Abstruse content.

EV 210   EV Array Technology

Abstract:    A altercation of array apparatus and artifact approaches, the affidavit that architecture college accommodation batteries are accountable by geometry and abstruse factors, the key characteristics to appraise back comparing array chemistries, and new array tech that may advance to cogent improvements in those characteristics.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder:

  1. What are the axiological apparatus that are present in all batteries?
  2. What factors coercion the development of low cost, aerial accommodation batteries?
  3. What does 'battery chemistry' mean?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

What is a battery?
A technically adult acknowledgment to that basal question.

Batteries for Electrics Cars
An accomplished downloadable address from the Boston Consulting Accumulation provides all-embracing altercation of challenges, opportunities, and angle to 2020.

The Tesla Array Report
An all-embracing altercation of array tech for EVs with actual specific accent on the Tesla Archetypal S. Awful recommended for those who appetite a abundant altercation of Archetypal S array technology.

Future Trends for EV Batteries
An commodity summarizes contempo advances and provides a arrow to added trends.

Eight Tips for Extending Array Life
Eight advantageous tips that can advice extend the advantageous activity of an EV battery.

Battery Accommodation Loss
This article, begin on the Electric Vehicel Wiki, discusses why batteries accident accommodation over time, provides a abundant altercation of the topic.

EV Batteries and the Supercapcitor
A arbitrary of the accompaniment of the art, considers the backup of Li-Ion batteries with supercapacitors. Considers both the allowances and the problems associated with supercapacitor technologies.

Battery Achievement Arrears Disorder
Written in 2012, this abundant commodity discusses some of the declining of accepted EV array technologies. It is an honest appraisal of the challenges that we face as array tech tries to accommodated specific energy, achievement and costs goals in the abutting decade.

Battery Administration Architectures for EVs
A advantageous abstruse altercation of array administration with application of another architectures and belief for selection.

Battery University™
From the website:   “Battery University™ is a chargeless educational website that offers hands-on array advice to engineers, educators, media, acceptance and array users alike. The tutorials appraise the advantages and limitations of array chemistries, admonish on best array best and advance means to extend array life.”

Battery Research—Science Daily
If you are abstruse and appetite the latest breaking account of new materials, new chemistries, and new account for array research, “Science daily” is a advantageous source.

EV 220a/b           EV Economics—Basics Concepts, genitalia 1 and 2

Abstract:         An addition to the economics of EV buying is presented. The EV acquirement exceptional is discussed and with the qualitative assay of the factors that charge be advised as an bread-and-butter assay is conducted. Ammunition and aliment costs, including array backup issues, are explored.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder

  1. What are the best ascendant amount drivers back the economics of an EV is considered?
  2. How does the amount of gas and the amount of electricity affect the all-embracing amount absolution for an EV?
  3. Can you accomplish an altercation for costs accumulation associaed with the artlessness of EV architectures?
  4. Find a acceptable Ev costs calculator and run your numbers through it. How abundant will you save afterwards bristles years of ownership?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

The Economics of EVs

A anachronous but still advantageous infographic on the economics of EVs.

The Economics of EVs

A downloadable accelerate presentation out of the U.K. with advantageous facts and abstracts acclamation the economics of EVs.

Impacts of Electric Vehicles

A 38-page downloadable address able in 2011 by the EU addresses business models for EVs, government policies, costs compared to ICE cartage and abounding added topics. Somewhat dated, but still worthwhile.

Do EVs Accomplish Bread-and-butter Sense

Written from a business perspective, a abrupt assay of the action active by GM (for the Volt) and Nissan (for the Leaf) by two economists from the Assay Group.

The Socio-Economic Aspects of EVs

This is an bookish cardboard that serves as a abstract analysis for the subject. It accommodate a advantageous snapshot of accepted analysis and reports.


Analysis of the EV Industry

A downloadable 101 folio address on the all-embracing industry. Abode the accompaniment of the market, job conception potential, and a array of “hurdles and solutions” that charge be addressed.

The EV “Wedge”

Don’t apperceive what the “wedge” is. Apprehend this mid-2014 commodity and acquisition out.

The Animal Economics of EVs

This aboveboard anti-EV commodity is adumbrative of abounding that arise in the broader media. It’s abounding of inaccuracies and misstatements, but account a apprehend so you can accept the boundaries of the debate.

EV 221a/b           EV Economics—Quantitative Issues, genitalia 1 and 2

Abstract:         A quantitative assay of EV buying is presented. All-embracing amount of ownership, ammunition amount calculations, resale value, civic averages, aliment costs, array backup and the availability of on-line amount calculators are all considered.

Problems and Credibility to Appraise

  1. How does agent resale amount of EVs analyze with the resale amount of ICE cars?
  2. How do aliment costs for EVs analyze with the aliment costs of ICE cars?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Vehicle Amount Calculator – I

A advantageous amount of buying calculator developed by the US DoE.

Guidelines for Bread-and-butter Operation of EVs

Guidelines for the best economical active habits for EVs. Addresses altered active situations and active tips and attention that will crop the best economical result.

The Economics of EVs

Developed for the Accompaniment of George, this abrupt altercation and quantitative breakdown indicates the bread-and-butter appulse of EVs in the state. The aforementioned archetypal could be continued to any accompaniment or country.

The Economics of EV—12 months with a Tesla Archetypal S

A abrupt commodity that break bottomward the all-embracing costs and ROI for a BEV (in this case the Tesla Archetypal S). The anniversary breadth apprenticed is far beneath the civic average, but the archetypal and altercation are worthwhile.

EV 230             Establishing Your Own EV Infrastructure

Abstract:        Basal options for establishing a home charging basement are discussed. The all-embracing accession approach, base requirements, costs, the EVSE, and the differences amid altered BEV and PHEV charging requirements are considered.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder

  1. What is an EVSE and is it all-important for all EVs?
  2. Does it accomplish faculty to allegation an EV of 110V abode current?
  3. Discuss the basal issues that charge be addressed back you plan a charging ambit for your garage.
  4. How abundant will it amount to body an EV charging basement for your home? What are the variables?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

How to Install a Home EV Charger

A acceptable overview of the accomplish appropriate to prepare, acquirement (EVSEs area necessary) and install charging equipment.

Charging Base Accession Guidelines-I

An all-embracing altercation of accession guidelines forth with suggestions and a worksheet for the adding of account load. Specific to San Diego, CA but advantageous anywhere in the U.S.

Charging Base Accession Guidelines-II

Prepared by Sonoma County, CA this 66 folio set of downloadable guidelines addresses both accessible and clandestine charging options.


Buying Your Aboriginal EV Charger

An accomplished arbitrary of EVSE units accessible in backward 2014, including some basal suggestions for installation.

Home Charging Scenarios

A accumulating of archetypal scenarios for home charging, with guidelines based on anniversary scenario.

Charge Your Archetypal S

The Tesla Archetypal S does not crave an EVSE for charging. This set of guidelines has been appear by Tesla Motors, accurately for the Archetypal S.

Service Amount Calculator - I

Service Amount Calculator - II

Service Amount Calculator-III

These account amount calculators are adumbrative of abounding that can be begin on-line.

EV 250a, b, and c           The EV Debate, genitalia 1, 2 and 3

Abstract:        A altercation of abounding of the arguments acclimated by those who advance that EVs cannot be a accepted claiming for ICE vehicles. Anniversary anti-EV arguments is presented followed by interpretation, adverse arguments, and facts.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder

  1. What are the three anti-EV arguments that are the best difficult to refute?
  2. What are the three pro-EV arguments that are easiest to make?
  3. Discuss subsidies and tax credits for EVs. What are they and how do they appulse the debate?
  4. Are there agnate subsidies and tax credits for ICE vehicles?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:


An accessible appointment that presents accessible comments on the pro- and con- arguments about EVs and ICE vehicles. Be warned that some advice is incorrect, abstract and contrarily questionable, but it account demography a attending to bigger accept accessible percepts.

The Abundant Agitation -- All-Electric Cars vs. Constituent Hybrids

An advance axial altercation of the activity of electric cars (stocks, actually) about to the abstruse and sales abeyant of EVs vs. PHEVs.

Fully Answerable debate

A abrupt but advantageous arbitrary (out of the U.K.) of the key advtanges and disadvantages of EVs.

The Abundant Electric Car Debate

Letters to the editor of Auto-Free Times.

Are Electric Cars Environmentally Responsible

The commodity discusses the afterward credibility (text from the article) “First of all, some critics are anxious that the batteries acclimated to ability the cars are not produced in an environmentally affable fashion. Secondly, some accept acicular out the electricity that is acclimated to allegation the car array is not generated via blooming technology.”

Kill the Electric Car

This article, originally appear in Gluttonous Alpha (an advance armpit area “shorts” generally asperse EVs) is archetypal of some anti-EV arguments, but this one is loaded with cogent quantitative arguments and is account cold evaluation.

The Animal Economics of EVs

This aboveboard anti-EV commodity is adumbrative of abounding that arise in the broader media. It’s abounding of inaccuracies and misstatements, but account a apprehend so you can accept the boundaries of the debate.

EV 310a, b, c    BEVs vs. FCEVs, genitalia 1, 2 and 3

Abstract:        Ammunition corpuscle technology and cartage are presented. The pros and cons of ammunition beef as an another to grid-based electrical activity is considered. Technology, vehicles, fueling, and ecology appulse are addressed.

Problems and Credibility to Ponder

  1. How does a ammunition corpuscle work?
  2. What are the pros and cons of FCEV architectures and technology?
  3. Is there a specific vehicular articulation that is best acceptable to accept FCEVs in ample numbers?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

How Ammunition Beef Work

An indepth altercation (plus video) that describes ammunition beef and how they work. Provides acceptable abstruse abyss for those who appetite to burrow deeper.

Hydrogen Ammunition Corpuscle Vehicles

Provides an accomplished account of FCEVs at the layman’s level.

Fuel Corpuscle Electric Vehicles

A advantageous antecedent of accepted advice provided by the U.S Administration of Energy.

Fuel Corpuscle Economics vs. Batteries

A advantageous bread-and-butter breakdown of ammunition costs for FCEVs as compared to BEVs.

The Hyundai Tucson Ammunition Corpuscle Vehicle

An infographic for the Hyundai Tucson Ammunition Corpuscle vehicle.

The Toyota Mirai

Written and video presentations for Toyota’s Mirai—an FCEV.

The Honda FCX Clarity

The Archetypal S Curriculum

MS 101    Introduction

Abstract:      A accepted overview of the Tesla Archetypal S with a abrupt altercation of its history, the abounding industry awards it has accustomed and the all-embracing action that Tesla Motors has activated to the development of array electric cartage (BEVs). We additionally accede the different assembly ability that Tesla uses to body the Archetypal S.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Do some analysis on the aboriginal history of Tesla Motors. What do you accept was the axis point for a then-struggling company?
  2. Of all of its absolute aspects, what do you anticipate is the best important distinct appropriate of the Archetypal S that has led to its success?

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Tesla Motors—History and Background
Wikipedia presents and acutely abundant assay of the aggregation and it’s history.

Tesla Motors History Infographic
A advantageous infographic that presents the history of the company

Tesla Motors and Three Levels of Business Strategy
An accomplished YouTube video that provides advantageous acumen into Tesla business strategy.

Tesla Strategy
On online accelerate presentation that examines Tesla’s business action and results.

The Tesla Access to Distributing and Application Cars
Tesla is a confusing aggregation with the auto industry. Alike its administration and account archetypal is radically altered from its competitors. The article, accounting by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk discusses the basics.

MS 102    Features

Abstract:      A broad-based assay of the appearance that accomplish the Archetypal S unique. Appearance advised accommodate the 17-inch display,  the disciplinarian birr display, alive controls, agenda controls, autogenous features, accumulator options, regen, charging, array characteristics, and autopilot.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Do some analysis into the address in which the disciplinarian interacts with Archetypal S features. Is this alternation ergonomic? Is the akin of complication able for the boilerplate car driver?
  2. One affection that is not discussed in detail in this mini-course is over-the-air software updates. Absorb some time acquirements about it and again altercate how OTA updates will appulse added Archetypal S features.

Further Account and Added Advice Sources:

Dash Affectation Teardown Analysis
An absorbing altercation of the abstruse internals of the 17” display. Inlcudes a altercation of the affectation itself, the Nvidia accretion engines, and accompanying electronics. For technically absent students.

How Archetypal S Over the Air Updates Work
A brief, but advisory commodity on how OTA updates work.

OTA Updates
Another commodity discussing the access to and allowances of OTA updates.

Model S Appearance List
Teslatap has developed a advantageous account of Archetypal S features, acclamation “hot features,” and absolute items.

Autopilot Mode
A abrupt commodity and video demonstrating the Archetypal S autopilot feature.

Tesla Archetypal S Array Life
A advantageous commodity of array activity for EV batteries with accent on the Archetypal S.





Written and video presentations Honda’s FCX Clarity—an FCEV.