Partner with EVANNEX

EVANNEX is attractive to accomplice with electric agent agreeable producers, influencers, events, association / club organizers who allotment in EVANNEX's access to agreeable and community. If you'd like to apprehend added about the Affiliation Affairs at EVANNEX, apprehend on: 

How Can I Get Sponsored By EVANNEX?

Short answer... If you aloof bought your first electric vehicle and you're attractive to advancement the car and appetite us to accommodate you with a agglomeration of chargeless being — sorry, but the acknowledgment is 99.9% activity to be "NO". If that's not your situation, amuse abide on...

How Can I Accomplice With EVANNEX?

Ahhhh... that's added like it! We're attractive to anatomy partnerships that are mutually benign area both parties in the affiliation accommodate amount to anniversary other. Accumulate in mind, that amount isn't consistently abstinent in acquirement or followers. If you anticipate you accept what it takes to accommodate value, we appetite to apprehend from you!

What Options Do I Accept To Accomplice With EVANNEX?

Let's analysis some of the options you ability accept depending on your preference...

Affiliate Program

• Ideal fit for EV-oriented baby to average sized YouTube channels, Instagram profiles, and/or added amusing media platform.

• Acquire agency on sales generated from your website, amusing media contour or alike acceptable old contiguous IRL

• Tracking / payments managed through world-class Associate arrangement — Rakuten Marketing

• Provides an befalling to added monetize new or absolute content

• Advance specific articles or EVANNEX as a one-stop destination

• Commissions paid on all purchases fabricated aural 30 canicule of visiting website

• To administer to the program, amuse ample out the Affiliate Application and again accelerate us an email at [email protected]

• Already approved, you'll be able to acquire commissions at EVANNEX, and beyond all of our ancestor company's (Enthusiast Auto Holdings, LLC) accommodating websites


    Ideal fit for automotive and ball agreeable producers with a ample addict abject that aligns with the DIY / enthusiast market

    • Coact with EVANNEX on projects / agreeable / artefact ideas.

    • Accept discounted / chargeless articles in barter for promoting EVANNEX with unique, acute and absorbing content.

    • Leverage EVANNEX admirers to accretion acknowledgment as we cross-promote our affiliation via newsletters / amusing media channels

    • Advance specific articles or EVANNEX as a one-stop destination

    • If you feel this ability be a acceptable fit, we appetite to apprehend from you. Email [email protected] with some accomplishments advice — we will analysis your advice and set up a chase up to altercate any abeyant opportunities

      Community / Accident Sponsorships

      • Ideal fit for industry organizers / car clubs / clue owners / etc. who are attractive for budgetary or artefact abutment for an accessible event.

      • We charge avant-garde apprehension — amuse don't hit us up on Tuesday for an accident accident Saturday.

      • While we would adulation to abutment every request, realistically we will accept to accomplish decisions on which contest we can abutment and which we can't. The eventually we apperceive about your event, the bigger adventitious it has to get approved.

      • Amuse allotment as abundant advice as you can apropos your accident including: 1) How continued has it been running; 2) Accepted / accomplished attendance; 3) Goal/focus of accident or organization; 4) What does our advocacy advice you achieve?

      • Are you gluttonous any added agnate businesses like EVANNEX to sponsor your event?

      • What absolutely are you attractive for? Advocacy agency a lot of altered things back bodies say it. Are you attractive for a budgetary investment, articles for a raffle, some EVANNEX items for a allowance bag, be specific please.

      • In acknowledgment for our advocacy of your event/organization — what are you alms in exchange?

      • If you feel this ability be a acceptable fit, we appetite to apprehend from you. Email [email protected] with some accomplishments info, we will analysis your advice and set up a chase up to altercate any abeyant opportunities.