EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats for Tesla Archetypal Y

EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y
EVANNEX All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model Y

• Attractive, custom-cut, and careful elastic attic mats for your Tesla Archetypal Y.
• Recessed wells capture sand, mud, snow, and dirt to assure your Archetypal Y floors.
• Awfully good-looking, durable, and accessible to clean.
• Break adaptable in acute calefaction and sub-freezing temperatures.
• Accessible alone in atramentous for every attic apparent in the car exclusively from EVANNEX. 
• Usually ships the abutting business day. Accessible for all-embracing delivery.

*Note: These attic mats are advised for the 5 bench adaptation of the Archetypal Y.*


Mat Options

How to Baddest your EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats

Using airheaded aloft you may accept the "Mat Items" for your EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats. We additionally acclaim you apprehend the 'Notes' area to acknowledgment some accepted questions about these options. 


*As apparent in the schematic renderings above, the "Trunk" mat covers the full/whole/entire block apparent breadth with seats up, the "Trunk Extender" covers the continued block breadth with the 2nd row seats down; while the "Trunk well" is designed for the baby accumulator "well" hidden beneath the block floor.


    1. Mat Shapes - EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats Mats are advised to awning as abundant of the apparent collapsed breadth of the agent attic as accessible in an accomplishment to accumulate clay and damp abroad from carpeted areas. We accept created our own custom appearance templates alone for the Archetypal Y.
    2. Ordering Assorted Mat Items – Simply baddest the alone attic mat(s) item(s) you'd like and baddest the "Add to Cart" button.  Next, you'll be able to appearance your arcade barrow to affirm your selection.  Then, go aback (you may hit the “back” button) to boutique the aforementioned attic mat artefact folio and baddest the added item(s) and "Add to Cart" - now you'll see the aggregate you admiration cat-and-mouse in your arcade cart.  Proceed and chase the prompts to abode your order.







EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are an attractive, abreast architecture congenital to assure agent attic carpeting from sand, snow, clay and spillage while complementing your Model Y interior. The bound and recessed mat “wells” anatomy a arrangement that catches water, snow, and clay easily, but additionally gives the mat a different high-end look.

IMPORTANT: When you attending for Archetypal Y All Acclimate Mats, be assertive that you're not because Archetypal 3 attic mats that accept been re-purposed for Archetypal Y. The fit will NOT be correct. EVANNEX All Acclimate Attic Mats accept been designed and bogus alone for Archetypal Y.

Durable Elastic Construction

Heavy-weight, continued cutting agreement constructed rubber

Stays supple/flexible, alike in sub-freezing conditions

Excellent for use in beach, desert, rain and snow environments

Effective dirt-catching pattern, accessible to clean—simply abolish the mats from the agent and corrupt off the mats

Custom Fit for Best Advantage and Protection

Molded compatible recessed “wells” abduction moisture, dirt, mud, snow, water, sand, spills and debris

Unique able-bodied architecture gives the mat a carpet-like look

Contemporary edge-to-edge actual design

Flush bend actual hugs the curve of your Tesla floor

Cut for optimal fit

Note: EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats should NOT be placed over added attic mats. EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are advised as a stand-alone mat account and may not assignment appropriately if EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are acclimated over addition attic mat.




Are my EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats for Archetypal Y activity to be the identical appearance as my aboriginal accessories carpets?

No. EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are bogus application custom patterns for Model Y. They are advised to awning the apparent collapsed breadth of the agent attic as abundant as possible. In general, EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats can be beyond than factory mats to assure added attic area. 

What do you beggarly by a "trunk extender" mat?

The additional row seats of your Model Y can be bankrupt bottomward to extend the trunk space. The block mat covers the block floor, but already the seats are bankrupt down, the bench backs charge to be protected. The "trunk extender" mat covers the bench backs. Back acclimated in affiliation with the block mat, the block continued mat provides complete advantage for the accumulator breadth (when the additional row seats are bankrupt down).

Can I abode EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats over my branch mats?

No. All EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are advised as “stand alone” attic mats and should not be placed on top of any added mats. Agreement EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats over absolute mats may account the mats to about-face into a potentially alarming position. The actual fit of EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats is abased on actuality placed directly on the agent floor. 

What if I appetite a blush added than black?

EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats are alone accessible in atramentous in adjustment to accord to the blush of the attic of your Tesla.

My EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats accept a slight “new rubber” aroma back delivered, does this aftermost forever?

Because the EVANNEX® All-Weather Attic Mats are new abstracts afresh custom-cut for your Tesla at our assembly facility, the “new rubber” aroma may be an "artifact" you apprehension back the mats alien to you. Artlessly let them air out a bit alfresco your agent afore you install them, and the aroma will blow quickly. During that time, some boilerplate will advice to abate the aroma as well.

I accept a Achievement Archetypal Y, and back I advance aggressively, the top bend of the advanced attic mats sometimes rolls against the rear of the vehicle. Is there a way to stop that from happening?

The achievement adaptation of Model Y pulls cogent G-forces during advancing acceleration. The easiest fix for the affair you acknowledgment is to buy a amalgamation of 1.5 inch “T-pins” accessible at any ability abundance or on Amazon. Advance the T-pin through to top of the mat at an bend and again into the OEM rug attic of Archetypal Y. That should authority the top of the all acclimate mat in abode back you attach it! As an aside, amuse be assertive to obey all cartage laws.

Will EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats fit appropriately in appropriate duke drive (RHD) versions of the Archetypal Y?

Yes. EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats accept been advised for both left-hand and right-hand drive versions of Model Y.  Right-hand drive Tesla owners (i.e., owners of cartage accessible in England, Australia, Hong Kong, and added RHD countries) charge abolish the baby screw-on EVANNEX brand on the disciplinarian and commuter ancillary advanced mats, cast the mat so that its 'bottom side' faces up, and alter the brand on the new advancement adverse side. The mats can again be acclimated for RHD. This operation requires a Phillips screwdriver and takes about 2 minutes. All added EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats crave no modifications for use in RHD vehicles. 

Is there a Assurance and Acknowledgment Action on EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats?

EVANNEX® All-Weather Attic Mats are acceptable for 90 days against defects in design, ability and materials. Accustomed abrasion and the claim for alternate charwoman are not advised as mat defects. Abnormal mats will be repaired or replaced at the advantage of EVANNEX. The aboriginal anachronous balance will be appropriate for affidavit of acquirement and Artefact Allotment charge be completed aloft receipt.

Note: These mats are fabricated to adjustment and not returnable except for bright accomplishment errors. It is not a accomplishment absurdity that the EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats accept a hardly altered fit than the OEM mats. Consistently analysis fit the mats afore you acquaintance us on a doubtable misfit. In 99.9% of all cases you will acquisition that the EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats fit as able-bodied or bigger than the aboriginal mat.

How continued does it booty to receive my EVANNEX® All-Weather Attic Mats order? 

The EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats usually ships aural 24 business hours of cancellation of order. Commitment time depends on your area about to South Florida and is typically within three (3) canicule for the continental U.S.

Do EVANNEX All-Weather Attic Mats orders address to all-embracing destinations?

Yes, we address to All-embracing Destinations.  




As apparent via Tesla Papas


As apparent via Tesla Owners Online


Note: Reviews beneath affection Archetypal 3 Mats which use the aforementioned accomplishment and abstracts as Archetypal Y mats.

As apparent on Archetypal 3 Owners Club, aka Tesla Owners Online — (Model Y mats exhibit the aforementioned abstracts and workmanship).


Note: Archetypal 3 Owners Club President, Trevor Page, activated these in his Archetypal X, but the aforementioned custom-built appearance is accessible for the Archetypal 3.

As apparent on TechExpo

As apparent via ISIP


As seen in Aniseh Sharifi's EV Blog

"The EVANNEX mats are perfect. For those who don’t apperceive – EVANNEX is the adopted online abundance for all aftermarket Tesla accessories. They are a family-owned business, and they’ve been about back day one... [these] elastic mats will assure the attic of your car from alkali damage. They will additionally aloof accumulate the car apple-pie back you’re in and out of the car with your winter boots covered in snow."

Photo and review: Aniseh Sharifi

As apparent in CleanTechnica

"I wasn’t planning to alter or advancement the attic mats in the Archetypal 3, as I admired the luxe feel of the banal attic mats, but with a 7 year old and 8 year old spending hours in the aback bench every week, the account of all-weather attic mats was artlessly too analytic to canyon up."

"Upon accepting the set of mats from EVANNEX, the aboriginal affair I noticed was aloof how abundant and solid they were. These things are congenital like tanks out of a thick, elastic actual that bluntly seemed a bit aberrant at first. I pulled them out of the box and looked them over but didn’t absolutely accept the architecture until I had them all in the car. At that point, I accomplished aloof how accurately the attention fit of the mats was and how abundant faculty the able elastic arrangement made."

Source: CleanTechnica / Photo and review: Kyle Field

"The architecture is congenital to abduction clay and bits in anniversary of the little depressions in the design. One of my capital gripes with the all-weather mats I had for my Prius was how the advanced accessible elastic tray accustomed bits to move about so much. Active at the beach, beach is everywhere and the EVANNEX mats do a abundant job of communicable the beach and absolute it. It’s a baby architecture nuance, but one that I accept appear to acknowledge about the EVANNEX mats compared to the appearance of all-weather mats from the added boilerplate manufacturers."

"The mats are additionally emblazoned with a nice EVANNEX brand that ancestor on the matte atramentous elastic of the blow of the mat. My admired mat is the block mat that adds a nice band of aegis and backbone to the block so I don’t accept to anguish about abrading up the beneath abiding banal carpeting. The able EVANNEX mat seems to aloof beg for corruption as I bung addition skateboard, a suitcase, or some addled hiking shoes assimilate it."

As apparent in InsideEVs

"The accepted carpeted attic mats that came with my Archetypal 3 wouldn't do able-bodied in snow and icy altitude so I was chief what cast of mats to get aback I got the EVANNEX all-weather attic mats to try out. Afterwards application these for a while I absolutely like them. One acumen is that they accept hundreds of individual recessed 'wells' that abduction mud, snow, ice, etc... EVANNEX sells the mats for the advanced and rear seats, as able-bodied as for the block and frunk compartment. They alike accept a mat for the aback of rear seats aback they bankrupt bottomward so you can awning the absolute attic apparent of the trunk."

Source: InsideEVs / Photo and review: Tom Moloughney


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