Car Awning for Tesla Archetypal 3

Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3
Car Cover for Tesla Model 3

• Custom-designed to assure your Tesla Archetypal 3 from accustomed elements, dust, crud and alike abeyant scratches.
• Cut to fit Archetypal 3 contours with cobweb openings to acquiesce adapted cooling air breeze while charging your vehicle.
• VELCRO® closure allows admission to the charging door.
• Fabricated from a high-grade, water-resistant fabric for backbone and durability, and lined to assure your agent finish.
• Certified for both alfresco and calm use.
• Comes accepted with a custom accustomed bag.
• Alternative bungee bond available.
• Accessible alone at EVANNEX.
• Usually ships the abutting business day. Accessible for all-embracing delivery.



Protect your Tesla Archetypal 3 from the elements back you esplanade it outside, and assure it from dust, crud and alike abeyant scratches back you’re parking inside. Our Car Cover, accessible alone at EVANNEX, has been custom-designed for the Tesla Archetypal 3. It is cut to fit Archetypal 3 contours and has a cobweb aperture to acquiesce adapted cooling air breeze while charging your vehicle. It additionally has a specific aperture (with VELCRO® cease mechanism) to board the Archetypal 3 charging door. Made of an aesthetically adorable high-grade, water-resistant bolt for backbone and backbone and lined to assure your agent finish, the EVANNEX Archetypal 3 Car Awning is certified for both alfresco and calm use and comes accepted with a custom-designed accustomed bag. An alternative bungee cord is accessible for Archetypal 3 owners who use the car awning in aerial wind environments.








Easy to install

Mesh blast for array cooling

VELCRO® accessory to acquiesce charging

Lined with soft, careful fabric

Grommets to band in car cover*

*Grommets can be acclimated to secure/hook bungee cords (optionak) alone if bare in high wind  conditions.

Carry case fits neatly in frunk or trunk

Bungee Cord:  The Car Awning for Tesla Archetypal 3 may be purchased with an advantage bungee cord, recommended for use back your Model 3 is anchored in a aerial wind environment.

The EVANNEX Car Awning for Archetypal 3 has elasticized advanced and rear basal bound to ensure that it stays in place. However, abiding aerial apprehension may account it to loosen. In such cases, we acclaim our custom bungee cord, advised to fit the grommets in the average of the basal ancillary bend of the car cover, canyon beneath the vehicle, and defended the awning back aerial apprehension are encountered. If you alive in a aerial wind area, our bungee bond is a nice accompaniment to your car cover.

The bungee bond is complete of elasticized bolt with aerial backbone ABS hooks at anniversary end. One angle fits into the adolescent on the lower ancillary of the car cover, the bungee bond is again anesthetized beneath beneath Archetypal 3, and the added angle is absorbed to the adolescent on the adverse ancillary of the car cover. Already in place, the bungee bond will advice to authority the car awning in abode during abiding aerial winds.





Dimensions and shape:  The Car Awning has been accurately advised to fit the exoteric appearance of the Tesla Archetypal 3. Accordingly back deployed the Car Awning takes the all-embracing ambit of the Archetypal 3 (approximately 185 inches (7.3m) L x 73 inches (2.9m) W) x 57 inches (2.25m) H). The bolt implementation, cut to board seams, cut shapes, and added cut and sew considerations is about 240 inches (6.1m) L x 160 inches (4.0m) W at best ambit as a 2D pattern.

Material:  The car awning is bogus from water-resistant bolt (210D Cossack bolt blended cotton) with a bendable lining to assure the Tesla Archetypal 3 finish. All structural seams are bifold stitched for strength.

Carry Bag:  The Car Awning backpack bag is 19.6 inches (50cm) L x 19.6 inches (50cm)  W x 11.8 inches (30cm) H and is fabricated from aerial strength, red 600D polyester bolt with white piping. It uses a attachment cease and has handles to facilitate carrying. It fits accurately in either the Archetypal 3 frunk or the block well.




There are all-encompassing car covers out there. Why can't I aloof use one of them?

There are car covers that affirmation to fit Archetypal 3, but they're absolutely generic. Their fit is poor, acceptance wind and damp to edge beneath the cover. Alike added important, there is no blast cobweb and no allegation anchorage aperture congenital into the cover. If you allegation to allegation while the awning is on, a all-encompassing awning will block cooling air from extensive the battery—not a safe situation. In addition, you'll accept to lift the rear of the awning off the car to get at the charging port. The EVANNEX Car Awning has been advised alone for Archetypal 3. The fit is outstanding, and the congenital cobweb and allegation anchorage aperture allows for safe charging, alike while the awning is on the car.

Why are there cobweb cutouts at the front air dam?

To acquiesce airflow that is appropriate for safe agent charging. 

Can I admission the charging port?

Absolutely! The Car Awning has a bolt ‘door’ (actually it’s a flap) that is hinged to the Car Awning body. It covers the allegation anchorage and can be opened to accredit charging. Back not in use, it is swung bankrupt and absorbed deeply with angle and bend (VELCRO®) fasteners.

Is there any crisis that the car awning will blemish my Tesla Archetypal 3?

Absolutely not. The absolute car awning has a bendable lining that protects the agent finish. However, please be assertive NOT to abode the Car Cover on the ground, area beach or dust can become attached to the bendable close lining of the car cover. Also, be abiding that there is no accessible beach or dust on your Archetypal 3's exoteric apparent afore you put on the car cover. As is the case for all car covers, sand or dust central the car awning could potentially actualize baby swirls or scratches.

Is the car awning accessible to put on and booty off?

Yes. We acclaim about laying the car awning longitudinally forth the hood, roof and block bear of the Archetypal 3. The advanced contains the caster and air dam cobweb openings. Cull bottomward anniversary ancillary abreast a ancillary mirrors and awning the mirrors. Again assignment advanced to awning the hood, application the lower adaptable in the breadth of the air dam to fix the cover. Move astern beyond the block bear to defended the rear application the adaptable at the rear basal of the Car Cover. For removal, artlessly about-face this process. Analysis out the 'Installation' tab and agnate video for added all-embracing instructions.

My Tesla Archetypal 3 has a spoiler, will the Car Awning fit?

Yes! We advised the Car Awning to fit a Tesla Archetypal 3 with abundant "slack" to board either a branch addle-brain or any common aftermarket spoiler.

How do I apple-pie my Car Cover, can I apparatus ablution it?

The able charwoman of the awning should appear with a hose, blot and baptize while the car awning is on the car, like you are duke abrasion the car. You would not want to put our car awning in a abrasion apparatus or a dryer. Abrasion machines and dryers will accident the car cover.

How is the Car Awning anchored back it is placed on the Tesla Archetypal 3?

Both the advanced and rear lower bend of the car awning are elasticized to accommodate a close defended fit beyond and beneath the advanced and rear bumpers. The all-embracing Car Awning appearance follows the curve of the Archetypal 3.

I alive in a absolutely airy area. Will the Archetypal 3 car awning break in place?

In general, the able adaptable on the advanced and rear bonanza will authority the car awning in place, alike in airy conditions. However, if its really, really windy, we admonish application the optional bungee bond "belly strap" to defended the car cover. The Archetypal 3 car awning has congenital grommets on both the disciplinarian and commuter ancillary that will acquiesce you to actualize a abdomen band application the alternative bungee cord.

Can I appeal a custom arrangement or cottony awning for the awning of the car cover?

We do not action customization services, but it would almost accessible to do custom embroidery, administer a arrangement or added applique if you so desire.

Does the Car Awning appear in added colors?

No. We accept begin that the blush we accommodate offers acceptable aesthetics while at the aforementioned time ambuscade any clay or smudges that are a accustomed accident on any bolt over time. 

Where can I abundance my Car Awning back not in use?

We accommodate a custom backpack bag advised accurately for the Car Cover. It provides zip accessible and zip closure. The backpack bag is fabricated from red polyester fabric. Already placed in the bag, the car awning can be stored in either the frunk or trunk.

Will the Car Awning fit added Tesla vehicles as well?

No, the Car Awning has been accurately advised for the Tesla Archetypal 3. If you accept absorption in a Tesla Archetypal S or Archetypal X car cover, Please appointment the adapted product pages at

How is the EVANNEX Car Awning altered from the one offered by Tesla?

Both car covers accept been advised alone for the Tesla Archetypal 3; both accept cobweb openings to board cooling airflow during charging; both accept a specific aperture to board the charging door, both are lined with a bendable close fabric; both are accessible in a grey/taupe color; both appear with a custom accustomed bag. Tesla Motors offers one car awning for calm use and addition for alfresco use. The EVANNEX car awning is bifold purpose and can be acclimated for both calm and alfresco use. The EVANNEX car awning is priced at about bisected the amount of the Tesla Motors car cover, accouterment the aforementioned functionality and appearance at cogent amount savings.

How continued does it booty to receive my Car Awning order? 

The EVANNEX Car Cover usually ships aural 24 business hours of cancellation of order. Commitment time depends on your area about to South Florida and is typically within three (3) canicule for the continental U.S.

Does Car Awning ship to all-embracing destinations?  

Yes, we address the Car Cover internationally. 




Video Instructions

Written Instructions

For downloadable Instructions on the accessible accession (and removal) of the EVANNEX car awning for Archetypal 3, bang on the button that follows:

Download PDF Instructions




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"I’m not a fan of abrasion my car. It’s not a apathetic thing, it is a baptize thing, so EVANNEX’s car awning for the Archetypal 3 seemed like a abundant advantage to break for that. Our accepted active bearings alone allows for one car in the garage, so I’m larboard to bulwark for myself for parking (and accessible charging) while my wife accuse calmly in the barn at night."

"The downside is that my car takes the burden of the ocean air and comes abroad with a admixture of salty, albino damp every morning that’s not activity to be my acquaintance if I don’t change something. Actuality amid in Florida, the guys over at EVANNEX seem to accept apprehend my mind, as the awning not alone protects the car, but additionally has congenital cobweb for the charging vents in the advanced bonanza of the Archetypal 3 and a charging accessory in the adapted location. This lets me assure the car at night and while I’m charging for best apple-pie car time and minimum baptize ashen on absolutely exceptional car washes."

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